Wednesday, January 31, 2018

This is my new site on the web.  I am Kevin Cook.  Semi-retired musician from North Texas that still composes and performs occasionally but has taken up non-musical projects lately.  I have always enjoyed backpacking and camping but never seemed to have the time.  The idea of learning photography more than just point and shoot has always intrigued me too.  That is the purpose of this place.  This will just be a chronicle of my new adventures in these areas.  My progress as I learn and experience.  My online journal.

Recently I have been studying the subject of photography and realized what a steep learning curve I am under taking.  Starting at zero with a limited budget will prove to be challenging.  Not knowing where to start, I decided first just to watch a documentary or two on the history of photography to find out how to approach this journey.  Black and white film with a manual camera should be my choice.

My vision is to backpack and camp for extended periods into areas where I will live like a thru-hiker and then take beautiful photographs while I am doing it.

Ultimately, I hope to compose music to pair with my photographs.

I finally picked up a camera called a Mamiya Sekor DTL1000 for $40.  The lens is a (Mamiya 55mm/f 1.8). I think it could be from the late 1960's.  It appears that many folks have been getting rid of their old film cameras to use the newer digital technology.  Online research uncovered the possibility this camera cost $180 new when you could buy a new car for $3000.  Seems like a great deal to me.  I went ahead and picked up some inexpensive developing equipment/supplies and an Epson film scanner.  All less than a modern digital full frame camera. 

My camera and processing technique with get better.  Problem now is the weight.  It's alright for car camping but hiking 15 miles a day the camera feels like a boat anchor no matter how I carry it.  It's especially heavy if I want to take a tripod along for long exposures.  I want to conduct night painting and more advance techniques along the trail.  So far I have just carried a Sony SteadyShot DSC-W320 for some easy point and shoot photos.

Looks great but I want to be able to hold the shutter open and run around in the dark with a light source to control the light in the photo.  I want to do this in the most inexpensive way possible.

One more thing......I have to test.

I have to see if my music pairs a little with one of my photographs

Stay tuned, this should be interesting..........Kevin

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